Ivanka Trump steps into role behind her father

Ivanka Trump steps into role behind her father


Is Ivanka Trump's role more policy or PR? 03:18

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  • The barriers of privacy that shrouded the children of Barack and Michelle Obama don't apply to Ivanka
  • Lately, Ivanka's Twitter and Instagram feeds have been a mash-up of her personal and professional life
Washington (CNN)On Monday evening, as word spread of yet more anti-Semitic behavior around the nation, it wasn't President Donald Trump who was the first to speak out against the threats to regional Jewish Community Centers — it was his daughter, Ivanka Trump.
Like her dad, however, she used Twitter to remind her followers that the United States is a "nation built on religious tolerance" and that it's important to protect houses of worship.
It isn't unusual for Ivanka, who, along with her husband Jared Kushner, identifies as an Orthodox Jew, to speak out on such a heartfelt issue. But the President's daughter has picked up where she left off on the campaign trail — as the softer, gentler side of her father's gruff demeanor.

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